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tng1So, I have to admit, I made a mistake. When I first heard about / saw reviews for this thing, I blew it off as shit. Russell Crowe??? PFFFFT. Ryan Gosling? Meh….  Hipster shit outfits on the poster? I’m out. But Mrs. THE IPC wanted to watch it and that is my Prime Directive so we did and ———————–> I absolutely fucking loved it. The outfits look this way because this is set in the 70s which is my favorite decade, it’s totally hilarious and it’s really, really well made.  They also do things in here that most movies don’t do – they pay attention to details and they introduce something minor in the middle of the movie that makes sense later, so it’s not just some sort of useless thing that has nothing to do with anything. I was totally wrong about my pre-conception of this – I loved it and will watch it a lot while I live.

tng2Surely you’ve read about this already from the people that have time to go to movies and then write something up.  Even back when I didn’t have much to do it still took me about a week or two to get something produced out here after a watch. Anyway, Gosling is a drunk Private Investigator much along the lines of Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files (a total win in my book). Crowe (who doesn’t ham it up for two hours) is a muscle for hire much along the lines of his role in L.A. Confidential although, he is not quite as, um, thin here. Tangent – I should watch The Rockford Files again, I wonder if they are as good as I remember. Noted!

tng5After some early adversary-ness, they team up to track down the daughter from The Leftovers and – well – it all works. A lot of people have already done this so I’ll touch on some other things. One of the things I loved was the subtlety of the humor. At one point, the daughter from The Leftovers is screaming about fascists and the car industry and her mom and, quietly, in the background (not on screen) Goslings says “I have neighbors, you know.” Or, how Gosling has this cast on his arm and his suit jacket is always cut so it fits. They don’t highlight that shit but it’s always there. Or the duck on his cast.

tng3I can’t say enough good things about the blond girl above – her name is Angourie Rice and she was really fantastic. I also thought it was funny that they referenced The Waltons (TV show) a lot and the car industry sends in a hit man named John Boy and he looks like this:

tng6I also enjoyed that they put Gil Gerard in here. He’s not in it for long but it’s always good to see Buck Rogers. I met him once at a ComicCon in Tulsa. He was real nice and not a complete asshole like Tia Carrere. I guess, to close this out, if you’re in doubt about this, don’t be. It’s hilarious and I hope they do a sequel.


  1. Sweet Pappy,

    Sound like you really loved this! Russell Crowe can be amazing when he wants to be, and Ryan has just always been good and does interesting roles really well. I’ll definitely watch this when I stumble across it!


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      • GaryGreg828

        i’d like to hear the details whenever you have the time to write a story. I want to know where you saw her, and what she was doing and how she turned you off and how others responded, etc. I’m guessing you approached her and said “Loved you in Wayne’s World!” and then proceeded to grab her breast and she slapped you; and now you’re all like “What a bitch!”


  2. filmsCine

    Ha! So glad to get your take on this because I wasn’t holding much hope for this movie but now it’s 100% on my watch list. ‘Bout time they’ve done a unique buddy movie

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    • theipc

      I’ve been pissed at Crowe since he threw that telephone at that hotel clerk and followed up Gladiator with a movie about wine. He was the first reason I didn’t want to see this.

      He’s actually very good here but Gosling makes the show.

      Oh – and its Gil Gerard not Gerard Butler : ) : )




  3. Dear PSC,

    I am glad to see you loved this one so much! I watched it last night and I liked it well enough, but it was so not what I had been hoping for 😦 Plus that little girl pissed me right off.


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  4. Dearest ei,

    I miss you! How’s it hanging?

    I think literally EVERYONE seems to love this film! I’m definitely going to watch it, now. Based on the poster, I would not have.

    Your friend,

    PS Ryan Gosling’s trousers are very tight.

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  5. I love when a movie completely blindsides me, as it appears “The Nice Guys” did for you. It’s refreshing to have the well-developed cynicism defused for a few hours as a movie surprises thoroughly. The last one that did this for me was “Hell or High Water”, which has a similar gritty and bumbly charm to it.

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