Isaacs Picture Conclusions


ild7Our friends at Amazon (dotcom) have been putting out some original series lately and this time around they offered up three pilots for the public to watch, rate, review and vote for to become a full time series. The reviews are to go on amazon (dotcom) so this is not for them but just for my three Beloved Readers and to complain about something. Let’s talk about these in the order I looked at them. First up:

thetickI never really cared for The Tick as a comic and when the TV show came out back in the day, I was really busy at my old job and worked the night shift (before DVRs) so I never really got the chance to see it. So – I’m not one of those hysterical fans of the character. I thought this was OK but not super great. I would probably watch it when there was nothing else to do. I’m a fan of the actor Peter Serafinowicz but the dialogue was kind of lame. I also liked that it was “graphically violent” but think this could probably use a few episodes to get rolling. I did vote a ‘yes’ for this one but didn’t love it.

ild4P.S. Be careful searching “The Tick 2016” on lovely google.

ILD1If you’re wondering why I gave The Tick a yes even though I didn’t care much for it – it’s because I Love Dick was ABSOLUTELY terrible. It was basically Kathryn Hahn yelling FUCK ever five seconds and then some male butts. Apparently the premise is that these two New Yorkers move to a small town in Texas and they both (male and female) fall in love with Kevin Bacon’s character. K.  Along the way, Hahn smokes some weed, her husband (Griffin Dunne) bones her and she displays herself in various states of undress. This was only 30 minutes long and very difficult to get through. We HATED it.

ild2P.S. Be very careful when searching “i love dick amazon 2016′ on lovely google.

ild5Now………. Jean Claude Van Johnson.  This was absolutely fucking hysterical! JCVD plays himself – a washed out, old, retired version of himself.  You get the sense that he hates himself and he hates his old fame. One night, he’s out eating when he runs across his old girlfriend and – yes – assistant contract assassin. Apparently, the action movie industry is a front for international espionage and JCVD moonlights off the movie set as “Johnson”, an ass-licking super spy.

ild6After seeing her, he decides to come out of retirement, win back his lover and do some ass kicking along the way. I thought this was totally a crack up (self parody is one of my favorites) and the homage to those 80s ‘getting-ready-for-action’ montages were fantastic! I read either on amazon (dotcom) or IMDB that “people will riot if they don’t get more JCVJ”  and I agree. LOVED IT.


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