Isaacs Picture Conclusions


breathe6I don’t know if there is a lot of hype surrounding this thing or not since I am so busy I can’t ever get to the blogs or the news or anything really but I really liked this movie. Aside from the week I spent in Jamaica, I took my second day off in nine months and slept in and decided to go to a Friday matinee and this was it. The theater was empty (which I loved), the hot dogs were fresh (which I loved) and this movie was really thrilling and kept me engaged all the way through (which I loved). Sure there were a couple of questionable decisions by the director – one involving a window and one involving some handcuffs – but – shit – who cares. I watch a LOT of shit movies and I thought this one was really well done and – shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit #turkeybaster the theater wasn’t completely empty; there was a group of teenage girls and they all screamed at that scene,,,,

breathe2It probably didn’t hurt that I really like Jane Levy. She seems like the kind of girl I would hang out with and probably be in love with but she just wants to be friends and then moves off with some other dude and leaves me heartsick – that’s the fucking story of my life. Well, when I was younger anyway. If you’re NOT familiar with this, three youths break into a blind dude’s house looking for some settlement money and he’s a bad ass mother fucker who doesn’t go lightly and he can really hear well so, when you’re trying to hide and not make any sound and he’s brandishing a hand weapon, don’t even breathe.

breathe5As it started, I thought it was going OK, I didn’t really need the story of the little sister and the mom suggesting Levy is off sucking cock for a living, but when they get in the house and the scene above happens, I really got into it. Things get pretty bad for everyone after that. I also loved how stealthy the blind dude was. Some folks might think it was gimmicky but I loved the slow camera pans and then he’s just kind of in the shot, listening.

breathe3I also liked that there was a big surprise waiting down in that basement and that that surprise came with another one. I thought that was really clever. The dog did get a little irritating after awhile:

breathe4Anyway, I really did like this thing and am glad I got to see it on the big screen and I’ll totally watch it again when it comes out. They DID set it up for a sequel but I kind of hope they don’t do that. This will probably be better off as a one and done. Like  my grandpa used to say “shit fire and save matches.” He also used to warn me to “don’t take any wooden nickels” and that “I had more energy than a wompus cat.” I don’t think any of that really applies here but I AM loaded and tired. XOXO Movie.


  1. Nice one, man. I too enjoyed the hell out of this film. There is some questionable stuff going on in it (mostly with the characters) but it’s just too much fun to dwell on.


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