Isaacs Picture Conclusions


tmonster1Knowing my schedule these days, this could very well be my last post of the year  but, if it is, we can go out with a bang. I absolutely loved this movie and it’s not because I’ve only been watching horseshit horror on airplanes. I’ve actually seen some pretty good stuff lately  but I was particularly in love with this thing. I would like to do a post about Hell or High Water (which I thoroughly liked too) but if I can only get one thing out, let’s do this.

tmonster3A young girl takes care of her drunken mom. The drunken mom decides to take her to her dad’s and leave her there. Along the way they accidentally hit a wolf and spiral off of the road into the rainy night, busting their front axle. What follows next is a moody, compelling, well acted hour of suspense and – yep – a very good looking monster.

tmonster2For anyone who still looks out here – you’ll know that I’m not the type of guy who looks too much into things – I just don’t care about that shit – so, I think a lot of people will try and compare this to The Babadook, which I get, This time around it’s addiction instead of grief or coming of age against an uncaring parent but, whatever. I liked this more than Babadook mainly because the kid in the English movie freaked me the fuck out. Anyway, I don’t need sublayers or subtext or artistic renderings to make me think for weeks – I just want a good looking movie and this was it. For me anyway.

tmonster4I also don’t particularly like to use commas or get on airplanes and talk to strangers or give my cat his diabetes shot or listen to voicemails or get up early or work or pay taxes or deal with wasps or live in a hotel for a week or this particular bartender at the hotel i stay at or a bunch of these people i used to call my friends or The Human Centipede 3 or Laguardia airport or Indira Varma or Suicide Squad or these shoes that I bought or my neighbors’ 14 chihuahuas. I also didn’t like trying to spell chihuahuas. All of which I would give up in one second to watch The Monster again even though it’s not the best movie ever made.

tmonster5Oh well! It’s holiday time and almost my birthday so I hope everyone has a good week. You can private message me on twitter if you want to send me loads of birthday presents! X X X!

P.S. I know it’s been over a year since we talked about this but I got news on Monday that the trailer company is going to start working on our movie trailer this week. Supposedly!


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  3. Here’s to Halloween coming up and me watching this movie and your fab birthday coming up too and I’m trying to write without commas too and it’s fascinating and fun although really hard as I’m also an OCD sufferer… AHHHH! Thanks and missed seeing you around. Don’t work too hard, mate!


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