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Hello! For any of you still out there, you know that this site was developed to talk shit about shit movies – with shitty writing – but, as the site grew, we occasionally found something good to slap out here. I haven’t had the time – or been compelled – to write much lately but i have watched some good things over the last month. Train to Busan was FUCKING GREAT! Logan was pretty excellent. I thought Hollow Point was pretty good and then I ran across this. The poster had me intrigued and the trailer got me hooked so I gave this a watch and I absolutely fucking loved it! It starts off a little slow but then it builds and builds and builds and the last twenty minutes are fucking amazing! I wish I had been a part of making this movie.

Do you remember when you watched The Loved Ones??Do you remember how that blew your fucking mind? Well, six years later, the director of that beauty is back with another piece of amazing goodness. This time around, he brings us a haunted house / serial killer / descent into madness movie and throws some Satan in for good fun! I took a point off of this because it’s not quite as ‘fun’ as The Loved Ones but this was exceptionally good. This guy seems to know what he’s doing. And – we’ve all seen horror movies for the last 40 years but this really would have scared the shit out of me when i was a kid.

What’s it about? This nice, rock-metal loving family of three move into a new house where a Satan loving serial killer lived. He kidnaps kids and murders them so Satan can eat them like candy. Soon, he’s got his sights on the family’s daughter. This movie was beautiful looking, the use of slow motion was fantastic and the actors were all super impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people look that scared before. Bravo!

If you decide to pull the trigger on this, there’s a LOT of heavy metal in here, if you’re not into that. I mean – a LOT. I know noise can be pretty distracting but if you can get over that, i don’t know how you could possibly not like this, unless it unsettles you too much.

Looks like this was made in 2015 but not released until the other week.They probably had to save up two year’s worth of pennies and dimes to pay Metallica to use their music and tee-shirts. Anyway – i fucking loved it!

I guess to end this, since I loved this thing so much, here are some things I found searching “the devil’s candy movie” that I don’t like:


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