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I wonder if I should start off by saying that I don’t know jackshit about the source material here. I think there are cartoons and books and maybe even other movies – and fans who griped about this thing but, I really liked this movie. I also really like the director – or – what the director (Adam Wingard) makes (he might be a total dick for all I know) except for that miserable Blair Witch remake…. i also don’t know what the death demon is supposed to be or why he eats so many apples but i did love the practical effects, subtle humor and that chase scene towards the end was a lot of fun. I don’t know who still reads out here any longer except for JB but, I do love a good montage and the opening sequence had me hooked.

Do you know about this movie? Some high school kid gets a Death Note(book) dropped in his lap and this black demon shows up and tells him to write someone’s name and how they will die in it and then it happens (that first kill is pretty awesome). In nature’s natural order, he kills the guy who killed his mom, gets a girlfriend, kills someone to prove himself to her and then they go around killing all the bad people across the world.

In a plot device that I don’t quite understand (but that’s OK), there’s this candy eating fellow who was stolen or orphaned and raised in some sort of insane asylum / boarding school where kids are trained to be the best detectives in the world O_o He doesn’t like what he’s seeing so he and his Asian over-looker are on the case. Soon enough, they get involved with a local Seattle cop who happens to be the kid-with-the-death-note’s dad, played none other than the wonderful Shea Wigham who is kind of becoming one of my favorite actors even though in his IMDB profile pic he’s sporting a giant scarf with the ends hanging down his back instead of the front which makes my OCD blow up (tic tic tic tic).

I don’t have any clue why there’s so much negativity to this thing. I thought it was all kinds of fun… i didn’t really understand the super-detective but who cares? There were a couple of plot holes, but who cares? I was thoroughly entertained and that’s all i ever really care about. I loved that chase and the big ferris wheel thing. Plus – HEY I’VE BEEN ON THAT ONE!! Anyway, the haters should get over it. Go watch Neon Demon if you want something to truly hate.

The only thing that really bring me down, after watching this, is that this is over:



  1. GaryGreg828

    i thought there is so much depth and substance to this premise that it should have been a series; as a standalone film it was rushed. Very interesting plot, though. You should check out the originals, E. They’re pretty good.

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      • GaryGreg828

        No, not anime; real movies. I don’t get into anime, either. I think you’ll like the original versions. Look them up on IMDB. I haven’t seen Gerald’s Game. I don’t watch a lot of movies, anymore. I’m just now getting to the final Planet of the Apes. Haven’t been to the theater since John Wick 2, and not planning to go again anytime in the near future. But do check out “The Invisible Guest”. I think you will like it, and what a grand twist at the end that I did not see coming! Very, very clever! 🙂


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