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The other week i was poking around looking for something to watch and I noticed that there is now a sequel out, so I wondered what that was about. I had seen traces of this particular movie here and there over the last two years or so but never really gave it a shit so, with a sequel, that means someone must have liked this thing, right? At least ONE person, right? RIGHT? So I gave this a shot and it was OK. It had some good moments and some shitty but it was all right, for free at least. Let’s see what happens…. P.S. Haunted Houses scare me.

A group of happy people go looking for the scariest haunted houses in America.

Everything’s going ok until one night they run into this thing:

That Doll Girl was legit creepy and gave me the willies….

Eventually they run afoul of a group of deranged fuckers who call themselves the Blue Skeleton and things get pretty un-bitchin. I’ll let you guess what’s happening in that last pic above. I think all in all, this was all right. I know I’ve watched some BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD shit over the years but – YOU HAVE TO WATCH THEM ALL TO KEEP PERSPECTIVE! I mean, how does shit like THIS even get made??


      • Haha I was very sincere and friendly in my message to you, I always hoped it got lost rather than you not replying!

        I’m good, 2 kids draining my time and money. I did ‘comeback’ and post about them and my hiatus and whilst I try and get posting regularly it’s tricky man.

        How’s life with you buddy?

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      • theipc

        I would never ignore you – i think i just missed a lot of shit… I basically spent 2016 and the first part of this year flying half way across my country and living in a hotel – which was no fun… i’m just now finding some spare time and trying to get back into things. i also just now got a working laptop again… I can’t do posts on my phone like some people…

        It’s so good to hear from you – lots of us have gone away… have you been posting? I followed you but haven’t seen any emails…


      • Yeah I came back, made a fresh site and linked from headinavice, should be on there, but just testing waters really. Tried following sites/people I could remember but majority have stopped. Life gets in the way. Lad I heard you were making a movie? Great to hear from you though, I have a new email set up, still trying to reconnect with folk. Really missed the interaction.

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      • theipc

        sorry to reply so late, just got back to the blog after a week…. life does get in the way… yeah – we were making a movie trailer but that kind of fizzled out… i sure spent a lot of money on that though : ( who has time for that kind of stuff these days???

        Yes – GREAT to hear from you : )


  1. Tom

    I can’t tell you how cool it is to not only see NEW POSTS OVER HERE AT THE IPC!!! but to also see Ipes himself interacting with Tyson Carter!!! Holy hell, it’s legitimately Throwback Thursday.

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