Isaacs Picture Conclusions


When I first started doing this site SEVEN (!!!) (???) years ago over on iWeb (!!), I did a series of things i called Population Samples which were thoughts on entire franchises in one setting. I fancied them up with nice graphics and such and then Steve Jobs killed iWeb so I had to move about 200 reviews over to WP here. When I did that none of my graphics transferred over so the Page looked like shit so I spent hours fixing it up and then we started doing Shitfests and i changed my theme and the Menu got all jacked so I just took it down.

In honor of Friday the 13th and the fact that i have a laptop again (and a little free time), I went and fancied it back up and set it back on the menu (to the left on a computer). If you can’t be assed to look over there – you could click right down below. Free entry, free olives and free parking!


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