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As you know, I don’t care about the canon of film, or the oeuvre if I wanted to sound like an asshole, I just want to be entertained.  Technically, this place was created to talk shit about shit movies but then it grew and here we are and shit but – this was my kind of movie and I loved it. Hot chicks? √ Super gory? √ Satanic rituals √ Doesn’t take itself seriously? √√√√  I was all about this! And, for the casual reader, even though there are #noboobs there might as well have been #boobs

This kid, who I totally related to, who I think is probably 14, still has a super hot babysitter who is basically his best friend. His mom and dad are going out for the night to have save-the-marriage Humpy Sex and she comes over. They watch a movie (Billy Jack!!) and do some synchronized dancing (I loved that bit) and then he decides to stay up late to see what she does after he goes to sleep. He and his precious neighbor (loved her too) presume she has the Humpy Sex so he wants to watch (perv!) Sure enough, her friends do show up and –

But things take a turn for the WHAT THE FUCK??? And I loved it!

There are so many little things in here that really worked for me. A guy gets blood splattered all over his face, Evil Dead 2 style – twice! Someone gets shot in the boob and cries that no one will motor-boat her anymore. The guy without the shirt is hilarious. The only thing I didn’t care for was all of the spiders in the basement but that’s just me because I’m a puss when it comes to those god dammed things. I also loved the way they set everything up – great writing! Take notice of the model car : )

Note: this should not be confused with the Alicia Silverstone The Babysitter from the mid-90s which is basically cinematic saltpeter.

Give me more! Great job!


  1. Kind PSC,

    Awesome! So glad you loved it and had such a good time! Looks like a lot of fun and you loved it, so added it to my watch list. Now if ONLY the internets people would connect us… *sigh*


    Liked by 1 person

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