Isaacs Picture Conclusions


For the last 10,000 years, both Homo Erectus and Home Sapiens (as well as Homo Ergaster, or Homo Rudolfensis, and perhaps even Homo Habilis) have looked to the skies and the stars at night and asked themselves two things:

  • Why are those round things on that chick’s chest so yummy??
  • Should we have a Shitfest??

It seems that over the last two years our community of bloggers has dimmed. Granted, with my current situation, I’m not able to get to the blogs as often and I miss them.  I’ve tried to keep up some but, for me, it’s so hard to do with no free time and look at them on my fucking phone. But – for those of you still out and about – do you want to do a Shitfest?

The Good and Pious Jordan Dodd of has offered to host it up out here. It’s good fun! It’s a great time to burst out of your normal voice and give something a good beat down – like when I did Birdman or when Biffer did War Horse – which is still one of my favorite entries ever!

For entry volunteers, so far we have

My best Kidney Natasha

Our friend Wendell 

The movie watching monster Rob 

Jordan, of course


Assuredly the Most Beloved JB

The Most Woke Luke Abbott confirmed on Twitter….

and the enigma that is Cinema Parrot Disco said “sounds like fun”

So that’s seven, maybe eight. Anyone else want in? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve ever run a ‘blogathon’ (if they call these that any more) you know how much work it is, so we’d like to get a bang for our buck! If we don’t Shitfest, that’s fine too – we’ll still love you. But just think – you could win one of these as reported from abbio :

That’s the trophy, not cigarettes or booze or family pictures. We don’t condone those around here even though some of us may smoke and drink and have family pictures….





OOPS – where’d that come from??


  1. Dearest Chop,

    You know I am SO IN and totally on board with helping you pull this thing together and help out in any which way I can!

    “…even though some of us may smoke and drink and have family pictures….” – for reals?! Family pictures? Cigarettes? Booze? What?!


    Liked by 1 person

    • GaryGreg828

      what’s the status of SF? Is it happening? If so, i have an entry that will rock the SF world as it has never been rocked. I’m talking worse than Boyhood and Birdman combined, sprinkled w/ Eat, Pray, Love and a scoop of San Andreas for dessert!

      Liked by 1 person

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