Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I’m bored at work today for the first time in three years so I’m trying an experiment and doing a post from my phone. Normally I wouldn’t bother with this kind of shit but let’s see what happens. I’m sure I’ll fuck something up.

This is a really well made movie. Toni Colette acts her non-nude ass off. The writer / director uses some of that Old School Devilness that we all grew up on, learning which level of Hell we’ll burn in for lying, farting in church and jacking off. There is a 15 minute stretch early in the movie that was absolutely fucking grueling. Then the end comes around and it’s totally batshit crazy and I don’t know if it substantiates the previous hour and 45 minutes it took to get there.

There’s probably not much I can say here that wouldn’t include spoilers.. strangely, there’s a lot of beheadings and a bunch of questionable nudity towards the end (think ball sacks and old man dongs). Overall I thought it was reasonably good but this is one I cant predict if you’ll like it or not. It definitely doesn’t turn out the way you might expect.

That’s a gratuitous picture of a margarita I had in Arizona a couple of months ago. Now let’s figure out if I can figure out how to post this son of a bitch.


  1. Kindest Chop,

    Posts! New posts! It scarcely believes it! It is so stoked to see this, and that margarita looks goooooood. It seems It managed to post this via the phone, though goddamn, It be brave. Ugh!


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