Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I don’t have as much time to watch movies like I was able to when I stepped away three years ago and I don’t have to be imprisoned in a fucking airplane/airport for 13 hours twice a week, but I have found that I can sneak in a short film on YouTube every now and then. The ones I’ve watched have been around 15 to 30 minutes and they have mostly been quite good. Soooooo let’s see if we can hang around with some of these while we sit around with our tits in because I have to wear pants, a collared shirt and a god dammed belt to work.

As a grocery store closes, a group of humans are doing their closing duties and generally minding their own business when the power goes out and someone drops her iPhone in her piss water. Just as she fetches it out of the toilet the backup generator powers the lights back on suddenly, instead of going somewhere to neck with the stock boy she’s porking, the group of humans have fight or be brutally killed. You know, a typical Friday night in the big city.

For the four folks who still hang around here, you’ll remember that I like my horror fun. I really liked this and had a few laughs at it. The girls scream – a lot – and its pretty funny. I also liked the burnt out janitor who explains why this shopping cart has come to life and intends to kill… and keep killing.

So, yep, good fun and I think it was only 15 minutes. #guts


  1. Tom

    FUck its good to see ya man. Sitting here in Starbucks trying to conceal my chuckles at the line “instead of going somewhere to neck with the stock boy she’s porking” haha

    Liked by 1 person

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