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This thing is basically going to talk about the end so: SPOILERS. Out of the few Aronofsky films I’ve seen, I hated them all. There’s that for you. So when I finally had a chance to watch the movie where they eat a baby, I gave it as shot figuring I would hate it but I didn’t. It wasn’t enjoyable but it was far better than the wretched The Wrestler which I absolutely loathed so much that I wanted to harm myself.

The majority of this movie consists of a braless Jennifer Lawrence walking up and down two sets of stairs with an unemotional, quizzical look on her face. Aside from that you get Javier Barden as God, Lawrence as earth, Adam and Eve polluting everything good, Cain killing Abel, the great flood, immaculate conception and Baby Jebus. Then throw in riots, explosions, murder, tits, a dong, Kristin Wiig, baby eating and the apocalypse and you’ve got a terrific, allegorical rendering on the cyclical nature of human life, right?

Or is it a mound of stinking dogshit? If Aronofsky wasn’t such an incredible dickhead I might try to defend this a little but I cant really. Is the acting good? Sure and I would be REALLY surprised if Lawrence didn’t hemorrhage her intestines out of her asshole any one of those times she was asked to scream. Is the direction good? If you’re into seizure inducing, hand held, shaky-cam, sure. Is the decision to murder a baby and eat it a concise and proper way to expose your thoughts on modern day religion a good one? Probably not.

Let’s address the baby eating. A friend of mine saw this in the theater. She called when it was over and I asked what all the commotion was about this thing. Did they stick a dildo up Lawrence’s butt like they did to Jennifer Connolly in that miserable Requiem movie? No, they kill a baby and rip it apart and eat it, she reported. I see, I concluded.

After the baby is born, Barden steals it from mother and tosses it into the crowd of violent uprisers who then crowd surf the baby across the room while Lawrence makes her way through, screaming and giving herself giant hemorrhoids. By the time she makes her way through them, the camera cuts to a shot of a tiny, bloody rib cage covered and surrounded by red goop.

As she turns around to scream at her baby’s murderers some bald priest is giving a sermon and everyone is nibbling on what is presumably baby meat while having their communion. So, yes, a baby is killed and torn apart but it is all offscreen. Is it THAT controversial? I would say no. My take would be that it’s just some asshole director trying to be controversial because he can and I really don’t give a fuck.


      • I’ve been having kind of a weird year. I found out I have breast cancer in May. Actually I’m getting my last chemo treatment as I type this. The prognosis is excellent, but because I’m a little younger than the average patient I have to do some antibody therapy and maybe radiation, and I have to have surgery. But I am determined to celebrate Halloween the movie blogger way, so I’m going to get some posts churned out and hopefully get back into the habit of writing. How are YOU? It’s been a while!


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