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Well, I figured since I pay for this place I might as well use it once a year. I’ve tried doing posts on my phone but that’s fucking terrible – torture for a guy like me – today I have a little time with my iPad so let’s see what happens. I haven’t really watched much lately aside from TV shows but I figured I might as well cover this since I’ve done his other movies. Remember when Bone Tomahawk came out and they split that guy down the middle from his butt and we were all like WHAT THE FUCK WHO MADE THIS MOVIE THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!! ? And then they made Brawl in Cell Block 99 and they smashed skulls and broke backs and blew heads to smithereens?? Good shit! So how did the best movie with the best title ever pan out??

Well… it’s good, for sure. It’s long too. And there’s lots and lots and lots and lots of car talking. They talk about percentages and anchovies and human life and partnership and some other guys talk about cake and birthday parties and some lady pisses on some paper. Then there’s some guys running around shooting up everything for no apparent reason, but it’s good. But no one gets dragged across concrete.

I’ve always liked Mel Gibson except for of his shitty comedies he did back in the 80s but, in my defense, I hate most shitty comedies from the 80s. As well, I hate the 80s. But anyway, he does a really good acting job here even when he’s just doing some eye acting. Plus he’s really rocking a killer stache. I think Vince Vaughn, in general, does a good with what he signs up for except I thought it was pretty stupid when he beat up a car in “Brawl”. I feel he did a good job in here except for the dialogue.

If I had to be disappointed about something in Dragged Across Concrete other than no one gets dragged across concrete, it would have to be the dialogue. Some directors can pull off a universe of dialogue in their movies – most notably David Mamet and David Milch (except for John From Cincinnati which sucked so much ass I couldn’t believe it). Shyamalan tried but couldn’t get it right and thankfully he gave up trying. Zahler made it work in Bone Tomahawk but it just didn’t work here. Saying “anchovies” when something is wrong might be a fun inside joke but I didn’t get it. Saying “one single red ant could have eaten that faster than you” is quite specific but maybe not necessary. Using Ebonics slang, correcting him and replying with “you understood me though” over and over felt….. lame.

I do think this is a good looking, well made movie although cutie Jennifer Carpenter was woefully underused. At least she wasn’t dragged across concrete but then again, neither was anybody else. This is probably a good one time viewing when you have three hours to kill.

P.S. I watched this in a hospital with nurses, doctors and relatives coming in every 30 minutes so it took me about seven hours to finish.


  1. welcome back Eric! Hope all is well and that u now work in a hospital is the reason u were surrounded by docs and nurses 🙂

    You’ve actually convinced me to watch this, because I’ve been putting it off for a while now.

    Keep up the great work and take care of urself!


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  3. Dearest PSC,

    What on earth are/were you doing in hospital?! 😦 It is very worried now! It is going to Twitter ASAP.

    Anyway. Sounds good bar the nobody getting dragged across concrete thing. I like Gibson, so will have to check it out then.

    Concerned JB

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    • theipc

      Dearest JJB,

      Just having an extended visit in the local hospital with Mrs. The IPC. Make no mistake, the hospital SUCKS.

      This movie though, does not but –> nobody gets dragged across concrete.



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      • Sweet Chop,

        I hope you are both alright! Ugh, hospitals are the pits. Hope you guys are out of there ASAP.

        I will keep my eyes peeled for it.

        Now Breathing JB


  4. Hey, it’s me, Monkeyboy! Yeah, kind of weird how nobody gets dragged across concrete. Good review Eric, I agree with everything, including Jennifer Carpenter’s slightly wonky face being cute. 🙂

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      • The site’s been dead a while. It got hacked!! I lost everything. It’s only recently I stumbled across some web archive jobby that had stored all of my old pre-hack website, so I might bring it back. Who knows?


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