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Have you ever been punched in the balls? I have. There’s crippling pain, extreme nausea and the quick transformation to Barry Gibbs-ish falsetto. While the casual reader will identify my writing as producing those same symptoms, this movie doesn’t. It’s not going to inspire you to do mythical feats of amazing greatness or conquer that thesis you’ve been working on for years, but it’s not too bad. You can tell they tried and I kind of liked how it ended. I also thought whoever worked the makeup department deserves a free beer.

What’s the plot? Possession ÷ Exorcism. Demons, grizzly old priest, hot mom, Bosch’s daughter, stinks and stains – all standard Friday afternoon here at this site, but the movie’s not shit like some of the stuff I’ve watched. Although I do question whether or not I cared for the devil himself.

In this particular scene he looks a little dodgy and it looks he’s getting in bed with her because the devil is ALWAYS horny, but he just kind of drools some slime on her face and leaves. There’s another scene where they show his whole body and it’s kind of cool,so there’s that. I also thought it was good writing that every time he shows up he brings a stink with him like all devils should.

I though the mom was hot and the makeup was good and it didn’t suck shit and the ending worked for me – so there it is. It looks like there’s a new one coming out next month – hopefully it works too. I wonder if this is based on this?


      • theipc

        Great news! I’m not working in New Jersey any more thank god! No offense! I’m a business analyst here in the HQ city : ) everything is going all right. When I was in NJ I was too busy to ever make a post, then when I started this job I sat right by my manager. I moved offices recently and now I have a little privacy… what are you up too?


      • Argh, I just saw this comment. Lol, glad you are away from the “horridness” of my beloved home. ;-p And that you’re getting privacy. I’m still in Bama (boo!) but other than location, things are good! Doing lots of writing (just not usually reviews but I’m trying to get back into that) and work, work, work!

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      • theipc

        You must have lived in a drastically different place than I worked 😞where I was, every single person I interacted with was mean, hateful and defensive. Oh well! I’m glad you’re doing well! It’s so good to hear from you!


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