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I’ve seen a bunch of people talking shit about this movie and what the fuck? What did these ‘film critics ‘ expect from Rambo 5?? A nice treatise about the experience of an elderly Vietnam veteran living peacefully on a ranch, wistfully reflecting on his experiences in the jungle? A sweet and nostalgic rendering of life in the 70s told through the eyes of an aging man to his adoptive daughter? What the fuck? This is Rambo goddammit and he kills EVERYONE . YES! FUCK YES. I loved it! It was everything I wanted and everything I expected.

He stabs a table with his giant knife and mutters “I’m gonna hurt you real bad…” YES! He chops some guy’s head off and tosses it out his truck window later. YES! He goes through a whorehouse and kills eight guys with a hammer – YES!! He asks some guy if he knows what it’s like to have your ripped out and then rips out his beating heart?? YESSSSSSSS!! What the fuck were these people expecting? I loved almost every minute of it.

Legs flying off? Check. Homemade napalm? Check. Heads exploding? Check. Paz Vega? Check. Fifty guys murdered in an underground bunker?? Check! I don’t know what’s not to love about this movie if you know what you’re getting into. This is a grisly action movie and no one pretends it’s not, so there you go.

Is there a story? Sure. Someone fucks with Rambo’s family so he kills everyone . That’s you’re expectation. If someone fucked with my family I would do the same thing. Its bloody and gory and I even had to look away a few times but that’s exactly what I wanted


Adios John Rambo!


  1. Tom

    Seriously dude, I can’t understand the critical beating this took. I haven’t see it yet myself but christ, these things seem like they always do exactly what’s on the packaging. Sometimes I feel like, because critics have to be paid for their words, they invent problems. They invent things that should be in a movie like this and then bitch about that invented thing in their heads not being in the movie. Makes me laugh though because Rambo has a shit ton of fans. It’s good to see he still does. Bittersweet that this is truly his last outing. (Or is it?)

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    • theipc

      For real, what did these people think they were going to get? The tv trailers showcased him saying “ I’m gonna hurt you real bad.” Hello – sold! Did these media critics turn into a world of pussies? Oh he just chopped off someone’s leg!! Cry cry cry! What the fuck. They need to get out of their collective #sadnessblouse

      Oh yeah – I like his interviews: this is it for Rambo… turns his head and sheepishly mutters… maybe….

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  2. GaryGreg828

    you’re back w/ new posts! 🙂 I actually saw this the weekend it came out, and I liked it. I think the criticism is coming mostly from the far left who want everything to be PC; some of them are crying racism b/c he’s attacking mexicans. The left too often confuse racism with geography; it wasn’t personal; he went after a cartel who kidnapped his niece; they happened to be mexican, but that wasn’t the point; it’s like the left only think killing is acceptable when done to a straight white man. lol.

    Good to see you back on here. Let me know if you have any recommendations you think I may like to check out. Glad you liked “Dragged Across Concrete”. I was going to recommend it to you when I saw it was done by the same director who did Bone Tomahawk and Brawl on Cell 99. I was afraid it may have too much talking for you, lol, but I thought you may still enjoy. 🙂

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    • theipc

      Hey! I’m trying! I’m not very quick since I have to use my phone but I am trying.

      As far as Rambo goes – what the fuck were they expecting? I got everything I wanted. When did everyone get so soft? And lol at your last sentence!

      I did like Dragged Across Concrete and I was able to overcome my hate of too much dialogue but the vocabulary use was miserable lol

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      • GaryGreg828

        yeah, everything got soft once the far left took over the media, and movies now reflect this for the most part; everyone is a victim, and you must now ask people what their gender is. You and I need to check our white privilege at the door.


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