Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Are you familiar with the Short Horror Film community on YouTube? Should you be? Well – it exists. Over the last year or so, I’ve watched some really good ones and some big time shiteaters – but one thing that seems to be solid is the company ALTER. They seem to encourage quality production, good acting and the – often – good story. It seems this is difficult to match in a 6 – 15 minute movie, but they seem to consistently get it right, with the exception of something truly fucked up I’ll talk about later.


One of the better ones I’ve seen recently is East Hell. It starts with a couple of black haired, black eyed and black lipped girls trying to kill a goat for a sacrifice to Satan. They want to summon a demon to curse the track team for being total dicks! Fucking track fuckers! Go run somewhere else! Anyway, the meddling, chross toting little brother gets in the way and they get a demon from East Hell. This thing is pretty funny and should satisfy those people that like microwaved blood and hair plopped onto a white carpet.


On a more serious note, we have Backstroke which is pretty good too. A couple of youths steal a car and run away from home. There’s some shenanigans with a gun, some skinny dipping and a weird stranger that may or may not be involved in —–> MURDER!! This one was pretty reasonable and the very last shot was worth the whole thing.

For our last entry we have Boxroom – a weird motherfucker that maybe I’m just too dumb to get. A teenager listens to his mom get pounded every night. One day he finds a hole in his wall and peels away some leaky drywall. Inside is a HUGE PULSING VAGINA! So he fucks it, it gets pregnant and out comes some sort of white spider looking baby. What the fuck? This thing was incredibly gross and made no natural sense. I’m sure it was some artistic rendering of puberty but – what the fuck?

As a bonus, we’ll go out on a high note here with The Gaze. Theres a totally hot chick who is a scientist who gets sexually accosted. Turns out she has the ability to manipulate matter with her mind – thus – the gaze. Towards the end, it happens again and, for the money shot of this thing, she mentally rips some guy’s dong off and it flies over and sticks to a white board. End scene, focus on it again, end film.

I guess the purpose of this whole piece? Don’t fuck the wall taco.


  1. Tom

    Jesus Christ, that Boxroom sounds like next-level crazy. And you may have just delivered your best closing line ever — haha! That was enough to make me snort in public. People are now looking at me all suspect here in Starbucks . .

    Liked by 1 person

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