Reader – this is HARD, R-RATED content, intended as a violent, sleazy throwback to the Grindhouse movies I grew up watching. This is filed with and protected by the Writer’s Guild of America (so no thieving). I do have a half written screenplay in the works for two years now but writing in the screenplay format is so tedious and boring that I can never seem to make time to try and finish it. Here is my Treatment for Raising Hell:

Raising Hell

Treatment by Eric Isaacs

Log Line: In this Grindhouse style feature, two gun runnin’, drug smugglin’ brothers terrorize their way out of Mexico through Texas with a hellbent sheriff hot on their tails! Blood! Babes! Booze! and Bullets! showcase this depraved tale of murder and revenge that’s so shocking you may never recover!!

Act One

Two lowlifes, “Cockroach” and “Weed” are engaging in violent sexual activity with two women in a filthy, rundown hotel room in Juarez, Mexico. After a sexual deviation goes wrong and Cockroach murders one of the women, the witness must be taken care of too. In the room there are multiple duffel bags of marijuana and guns, as well as evidence of different drugs and alcohol strewn throughout. Casually casting the bodies of the dead women to the floor, the two men drunkenly retire for the evening under the blood soaked sheets and pillows, unscathed by the grisly carnage.

The next morning, the two load their cargo into the back of a decrepit 40 year old van and leave the scene of the crime, heading to the US / Mexico border.  During the drive, through flashback, it is revealed that, the previous night, at a seedy strip club in Juarez named “La Gata”,  over Mexican beer, tequila and sexual acts with the personnel working the club, the two brokered some sort of transaction with a local border guard.

In the meantime, the hotel cleaning lady comes across the corpses left behind in the room; terrified, she calls the local policia. At the border, the guard from the night before allows Weed and Cockroach through the pass and they head into the U.S. Eventually, the age and condition of the van causes the two to pull into a very small town in east Texas, find a hotel and rent a room for the night. After unloading their gear, and partaking of some drugs and alcohol, they head to the local bar down the street for some more drinking and bravado. Later, back at the hotel, they come across the hotel manager’s room at the back of the property, break in, defile both the man and his wife, leave them dead and steal off with their car keys.

Back at the hotel in Juarez, the deputies have called the sheriff to the scene. As he pulls in, putting his sun visor up, he takes a longing look at the picture stuck in the fold of the back of it; his two lovely, twin daughters. Through flashback we learn that the two girls (the sheriff’s daughters) had gone to “La Gata” for “Amateur Night” the previous evening.  After engaging in a lewd, taboo performance, they spent the night taking in alcohol and drugs with Weed and Cockroach, which eventually lead them back to the hotel; the scene of their demise. After surveying the horrible sight before them, one of the deputies points out that both girls have the stamp of “La Gata” on the back of their hands, proving they paid to get in.

With fury and pain in his eyes the sheriff vows revenge at ALL COSTS!!

Act Two

As Weed and Cockroach drive up a Texas highway, through flashback, it is recalled that the two of them had an earlier encounter with a group of partying “prep” boys at a bachelor party in a much cleaner strip club in Lubbock, Texas. During the course of the evening, after a group lap dance in which the two oversaw the group bragging and carrying on with strippers and cocaine, they share their specially grown marijuana, “Juarez-47” with the hard partying 20 something year olds. Enamored by the strength and properties of their stash, the group of young men broker the deal that sent Weed and Cockroach into Juarez to purchase and smuggle the contraband across the border and back into Lubbock.

Back in Juarez, the sheriff and his henchmen violently shake down the strip club (La Gata) where his daughters had last been seen alive.  The brutally beaten bartender eventually shows them surveillance videos of the activities (mostly illegal) from the previous night. He observes the show his daughters put on, as well as their encounter with two dirty looking Americans (Weed and Cockroach).  On a different tape, from a different perspective, he is able to witness the Americans engaging in other illicit acts at the table with someone who is definitely a Mexican – it’s Pablo, his no good cousin who he got a job with the border guard! “Pablo” he growls, and smashes the video replay device with his fist.

At the last hotel Weed and Cockroach stayed at, a local county deputy pulls up in his police car with the skanky hooker he is having an affair with. After waiting for the hotel manager for several minutes for his usual room key, he hops the counter and grabs a key for himself, selecting one at the back of the lot for their privacy. They head to their room and happen across the grisly murder scene of the hotel manager and his wife. The Tri-County Volunteer Police Department is quickly radioed.

Juarez: in the sheriff’s garage, Pablo is being repeatedly beaten across the face by one of the sheriff’s men. Eventually, he confesses that he doesn’t know who the gringos were but they paid for him to have sex with two dancers and gave him 500 American dollars to let them cross the border with some dope. The sheriff grabs a bloody pack of cigarettes out of Pablo’s shirt pocket. He takes the matches out, lights a spot welder and then goes to work on Pablo’s genitals, until the border guard has joined the deceased. Extinguishing the welding can, he tosses it to the side and glances down at the match book. “Lubbock’s Classiest XXX Back Door Brides” graces the cover and he balls a fist – he has a lead!

On the outskirts of Lubbock, Weed and Cockroach pull into a semi run-down, but not-as-bad-as-the-Juarez hotel parking lot and pull up to a corner room with three sporty BMWs parked in front of it. As they park, a figure peeks through the curtain and, shortly after, three of the guys from the “Lubbock’s Classiest XXX Back Door Brides” strip club come out, pistols in their jeans’ fronts. The two exit their car, open the trunk and pull out the bags of Juarez-47. The five of them enter the hotel room, close the door and then, after a couple of minutes, gunfire blasts are seen through the small opening in the curtains. Eventually Weed and Cockroach emerge from the room, splattered in blood, with pistols tucked into their own pants, carrying a new duffel bag, unzipped and stuffed with money, as well as their bags of marijuana. They click the remote to unlock one of the BMWs, stow their stash and tear out of the parking lot. A review of the scene inside the room reveals the shot-to-pieces bodies of the original group of guys from the bachelor party, as well as one nude, dead prostitute.

Driving up the same Texas highway, toward Lubbock, the Juarez sheriff intercepts a radio from the Tri-County Volunteer Police Department, describing the crime scene of the hotel manager and his wife. His deputy looks up the address on his GPS machine and they plot a course to meet up with the local cops there.

Outside Lubbock, Weed and Cockroach stop at a rural gas station to refill. As Weed is pumping gas (and smoking a J), a minivan pulls up across from them and a family of four emerge, stretching. What appears to be two twin, blonde daughters head into the gas station to use the bathroom and the father begins to fill up, with the mother giving the two drug runners disapproving eyes behind her sunglasses.  Cockroach and Weed leave the gas pump and head into the mini mart; the mother commands the father to go after them, as she didn’t like the way they were looking at their daughters. On his way in, the father notices the clerk jerk violently as blood splatters across the window.

As the father starts to run to the mini mart, Cockroach emerges, brandishing a pistol and delivers the father to join the dead. Screaming, the mother desperately keys in 911 on her cell phone, but does not get the chance to say anything, as the van window explodes from a bullet, as does her skull. The phone falls to the floor with the 911 operator asking what’s going on. Inside the mini mart, Weed has the girls in the corner at gunpoint, screaming in fear. Eventually they are bound and taken as hostages.

At the “BMW crime scene”, the Juarez sheriff is getting harassed by a Tri-County Volunteer Police Department deputy for being out of his jurisdiction. Eventually the sheriff of the Tri-County Volunteer Police Department emerges from the hotel room to see what the commotion is. As it turns out the Tri-County Volunteer Police Department sheriff once did some time in the Juarez jail in his youth and the Juarez sheriff, then a jailer, saved his ass, literally, from some prisoner on prisoner action one night; subsequently, the Juarez sheriff is allowed into the room of corpses. As they survey the damage, the Tri-County Volunteer Police Department dispatch lady reports the strange 911 call from the gas station. Looking into each other’s eyes, they know they are hot on their trails!

Weed, Cockroach and their two captives hole up in a roadside motel outside Abernathy, Texas. After a few hours of drug and alcohol intake, the two captives are victimized in a variety of ways, but not killed. Unbeknownst to them, a passing trucker has pulled in with the intent to stay at the roadside stop as well. Over the screams of their two victims and drug induced haze, they do not hear the truck rumble up. Hearing the girl’s screams, the trucker radios the cops and high tails it out of there, not wanting to be present when the fuzz show up, considering he was crossing the state line with boxes of illegal porn and X in his rig.

Act Three

After binding the girls again to prevent escape, the two men pass out in inebriated stupor. While they sleep, in the darkness of the night, the sheriff enters the room with a shotgun and indicates the girls stay muted, to not wake Weed and Cockroach. Eventually, Weed awakens in a dizzy blur, hearing stifled grunts and the sounds of something like fruit being smashed. As his vision clears he sees the two girls pinning Cockroach down, with a sock stuffed in his mouth, and the Juarez sheriff stomping repeatedly on his testicles with his cowboy boots. As he struggles to get out of the sheets, both girls rush him and smash the butt of the shotgun into his face, knocking him unconscious, and all of his front teeth out.

When he wakes (again), as his vision comes into focus, he sees the sheriff pouring gasoline out of a red gas can all over Cockroach, who is roped to a chair. He finds himself handcuffed to the legs of the bed and then feels the cool gasoline being rained down upon him as well. Struggling, he is unable to get free and dislocates both of his shoulders. While he is screaming in pain, the sheriff of Juarez ushers the two girls out of the hotel room, into the sunlight, lights the book of “Lubbock’s Classiest XXX Back Door Brides” matches and tosses it on Cockroach, who bursts into screaming flames. Very quickly, the flame travels throughout the room and both men burn in agony – to their final demise, with Weed’s being a “First Person” POV.

Weeks later, at home in Juarez, the sheriff is on his back patio grilling out meat for fajitas; his wife spooning avocadoes for guacamole and the two American girls are lounging in lawn chairs, sipping Mexican beer. The girls have left the terror behind them and are healing and recovering with their new family in Mexico.

Back at “La Gata”, a unkempt man in dirty clothes enters the bar area. At the bar, he orders a dozen Tequilas to share with himself and the man next to him. After a few minutes he slides a printed out mug shot of Weed across the counter and asks the bartender if he’s seen his brother. It seems he was supposed to meet them at this bar a couple of weeks ago, but he didn’t get out of the Juarez jail on time because the prick sheriff disappeared.


Post Credits – Weed’s brother exits the bar and gets into a beat up old pick-up truck. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he reaches over to the glove box and pulls out a .45 – and looks to the future – he will track down and avenge his brother’s killer!


    • ericisaacs

      Thank you for the comment! I do hope you recover, but I understand if you are so shocked you can’t – maybe some 47 will help you on your way back to wellness…


  1. Jeffrey T.

    This is a captivating story – I feel guilty for liking it, which is how it should be with this genre – right?!? I look forward to Weed’s brother exacting his revenge on the sheriff – even though I strangely liked the sheriff because of – not in spite of – his interrogation techniques…. write on, man!


    • ericisaacs

      Hey thanks! Thank you very much! I appreciate it! A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do to get what he needs – even if it involves blow torching another man’s balls!


  2. Pingback: THE IPC DOUBLE TAKE # 1: CHRONICLE (2012) | Isaacs Picture Conclusions

      • theipc

        yep – he wrote a western and has it with an agent but no one’s biting. My problem is I can’t stay focused long enough to write the script in that annoying format… : ( if I can ever get it finished – i’ll check that stuff out 🙂 THANK YOU!!


  3. Good job! I can totally picture this film in my head. But I’d rather not because, you know, violent. 😉 Danny Trejo as the sheriff? Too obvious? Can’t quite picture who’d play Cockroach or Weed… Unknowns would probably be best.

    How about Raisin Hell starring the California Raisins? That’s more my speed – think I could handle raisin violence…


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