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(the following is a real instant message chat)

EI: we need to get you and flash a bio for the staff page

EI: how about

EI: Mary is a short person who drinks a lot of coffee, eats disgusting oatmeal for breakfast and handles the three “S” words found around various places: Slugs, Snakes and the other word we cannot mention that rhymes with fiders.

Mary: I love it but do you have to be so harsh on the oatmeal??? LOL

Mary: you have to mention that i drink lots of coffee to combat my eternal struggle with tiredness LOLOL

EI: Done – go check it out

~ a week later ~

EI: I need to change your bio…

Mary: why?????????????

EI: I watched some terrible TV show this weekend about aquarium something

EI: and they were building one for an octopus

Mary: I’ve seen that!!

Mary: ooooooo

EI: It was disgusting and now I think I can add that to my list of scared ofs

Mary: I can handle those

EI: I swear it was looking at me with it’s F-ING eye through the TV

EI: shudder……

Mary: LOL I got it!!!

EI: thanks!!!!

Mary: why is it always so cold in here????????????

EI: lol

Mary: this place sux


The Flash is a newish mom who basically seems to be in charge of yelling at me for no reason at random points in time.




Research & Development (Contributors)



“Lemuel Severance” is the pen name of one of my good friends, frequent collaborator and has the unfortunate position of having to read my unpublished fiction, looking at my white board / Excel diagrams and listening to me groan when sometimes a guy just needs to talk to another guy. The name is taken from his FINISHED screenplay (a western) that has yet to find production. Neither of us know why this pic turns sideways when you click on it, but we like it. He is also the reason behind the whole “top hat” thing, if you’ve ever been curious… I tried to kind of explain that here.


Wednesday’s Child is a stay-at-home mom in a small town in Georgia who runs a very self-indulgent horror and cult movie blog. She lives for anger and frustration, and nightmares are the best part of her day.


The first time I ever fell in love with a film was when I walked into a room and saw my family watching the Martin Scorsese masterpiece Casino. I’m sure I had sat through a whole host of kids films prior to this moment, but as soon as I saw Casino I felt different, almost as if my little mind started to realize that there was this new world of films out there that wasn’t aimed at children, and I began my quest to see as many of them as I could. Some of my favorite films of all time would be The Godfather, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Shining, The Deer Hunter, Casino, Pulp Fiction, I Saw The Devil, Drive……..the list goes on, but the underlying theme would be the more adult/violent orientated style of film and the majority would star my favorite actor of all time Robert De Niro. I have even set myself a quest to try and see every one of his films. 

Many years later I decided to try and share my feelings and thoughts on the films I had seen in an effort to vent my opinion and hopefully meet some like-minded people along the way. I set up my own site Head in a Vice in June 2012, and I try to offer reviews on some of the more obscure horror and violent films in the attempt of unearthing some hidden gems for people. I also run a few projects to try and give my site a community style vibe, including my attempt to offer a review for all the IMDB’s Top 250 Films with the help of some cool guest reviewers, and my Desert Island Films project where people tell me the films they would take if they were going to be stuck on a desert island. 


Mark Walker is a Scottish bad-ass who holds the world record for most triple twenties (67) in a row (that’s a Darts term). He’s also a wicked writer and I love his work over at his blog MARKED MOVIES. If you’ve never been there, you certainly should and don’t miss his “SIT DOWN SERIES” – they’re fucking insanely brilliant!! Oh and BTW – that’s his choice for his bio pic!


Misty is a professional writer over at the wonderful CINEMA SCHMINEMA site, as well as, I think seven or eight other places. She also claims to have eleven other jobs, never sleeps and doesn’t eat olives.  THE IPC got really lucky to catch her with some spare time when she was willing to do some freelancing.



MISTER JIZZBUTT used to be known as the Film Hipster and we had many wonderful adventures together.  Unfortunately, he got busy tracking down and slaughtering deviant Hosers and disappeared for a year and a half. He seems to be back in a limited capacity and here’s to hoping he stays around!



Abbi lives in London but actually comes from South Africa. She claims that her day job is “Email Ninja” but we all know that she’s just made that up. She spends her spare time writing mostly angry reviews (at WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE) because although she loves the art of cinema she thinks most movies are crap. Her least favourite movie is Eat Pray Love. She regularly worships at the church of the IPC.



Zoe is a short South African who is widely acclaimed for her work on THE SPORADIC CHRONICLES OF A BEGINNER BLOGGER. There, you can find treatises on movies, books, TV shows and life in general. When she’s not producing quality materials on her site, she can be found pillaging the high seas in her other life as a pirate. Her favorite quote? “This is It’s Design.”



Weighed down by a crippling alcoholic problem and perversion towards trees, Luke Abbott somehow manages to remain in the blogging game, thanks to a great autocorrect system, a sense of humour impossible to resist and a British accent that makes him think he is Benedict Cumberbatch. Just with a lot more twitching… Luke can also be found at THE ORACLE OF FILM

Luke can also be found here:




Anna – also known as the FILM GRIMOIRE can be found delivering delicious movie reviews, thoughts on documentaries and lurking outside your window at night. She hails from Australia and sacrifices her sleep regularly to participate in SHITFEST SOCIALS. We are also #soulies4ever and, even though she didn’t come see me when she was in the United States, I still am very fond of her.



Cara Gale a.k.a. “Dark Cara” rules the realm of Silver Screen Serenade with her psychotic and malicious yet ever faithful IPC servant, Miguel the Shitfest trophy. By day, Cara is a government employee in southwestern Indiana who deals with a lot of angry old people. By night, she is a masked crime fighter/movie and TV blogger who just wants quality entertainment and world peace. She feels this isn’t asking for too much.



SMASH is a rambunctious Canuck who loves pounding brewskis with her good time pals and destroying dance floors with her spastically awesome moves. When she’s sober enough to recall the night before, she can be found writing about her adventures over at Smashing Through Life! She is an eternal optimist, and as such, usually likes to kick it all bright and happy. But she has a temper, too. And sometimes, human pieces of garbage will provoke it. Usually when she’s riding the subway to work…



Vinnie is a dapper, dashing and daring movie blogger who aids the wonderful head of this site. He will watch pretty much anything and is open to suggestions. In other words he’s a valuable asset who is irreplaceable on this wonderful world of blogging. 



Emma (also fondly known as The Clam) is an introverted loud mouth from England with a weakness for horror films, lemonade and mash potatoes. 

Emma reviews films and soundtracks over at EMMAKWALL.COM – and she is eternally grateful to The IPC for his unwavering support and friendship.

 When she isn’t blogging Emma can be found napping, eating and talking to televisions. She really loves cats and kind of hates slugs. Her favourite film is From Dusk till Dawn.





Chris here is one of my oldest and best friends who is the fucking latest (always running late) person ever to inhabit skin. I love him but shit, what the fuck?





The 4th Doctor

The 5th Doctor


My Hero, Ron

The Alan Parsons Project

These Guys

Jeffrey Johnson

Cinema Schminema

Deep Red Rum



  1. Who is that cool dude snowboarding??!! I’ll tell you one thing, I bet he wiped out massively trying to land that jump whilst being semi-drunk and a first time snowboarder 🙂 Thanks for sticking up my (overly long – sorry about that!) bio Eric.


  2. Hey Eric, I was looking for an email but couldn’t find it. I had a question about the Winter Shitfest. My email is on my Contact page – I don’t want to put it in the comments 😉 Send me you email and I’ll send my question….


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